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Tariff Classification Consulting Services

Establishing the correct HS Code of goods is very important to determine the correct customs duty payable. Permit requirements are and to determine whether there are any rebates provisions available on the tariff book. We provide tariff opinions to confirm the accuracy of tariff subheading and we assist in obtaining a tariff determination from Customs if required.

The wrong product classification can cost a company thousands of Rands in penalties, if not millions of Rands in overpayments. Simply put, we know the ins and outs of classification services.

We will determine the optimal classification for your goods, allowing you to meet both the letter of the law and the needs of your business.

  • Harmonized Tariff Classification

Import Consulting Services

We assist in managing our client requirements and government regulations.

There's a great deal of importance associated with imports. Thankfully, Vin-Online Global Trade Advisory combines expertise with creativity to turn potential pitfalls into time saving, tariff reducing steps in the import process.

  • Filling Import Declarations (SAD500)
  • Entry Declaration Auditing
  • Import Permits
  • Import Procedures Manual Development
  • Importer Self-Assessment
  • Non-Resident Importer Registration
  • Other Government Agency Compliance
  • Post Declaration Services
  • Ruling Requests
  • Valuation Analysis
  • Anti-Dumping / Countervailing Duty Determination

Export Consulting Services

We bring expediency to the export process.

Before a product can leave for another country, many questions must be answered. Regulations are constantly changing. Licenses may be required; license exceptions may be available. How can a company know the correct steps to take? Turn to Vin-Online Global Trade Advisory. We'll work with you to determine how export control laws impact your business, and design a program that assures the compliant shipment of goods.

  • Filling of Export Declarations (SAD500)
  • Export Control Classification
  • Export License Determination
  • Export Procedures Manual Development

Customs Licensing and Registration Consulting Services

All traders i.e. importers, exporters, rebate manufactures and foreign entities conducting business in South Africa must register with the South African Revenue Services Customs Department to obtain a Customs Client Number. We assist with all licensing and registration under the provision of the Customs Control Act and Customs Duty Act.

Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Consulting Services

Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a particularly delineated duty free enclaves and is deemed to be foreign territory for trade operations and duties and tariff purposes in South Africa.

In addition to that a Special Economic Zone is a geographical region where economic laws are more liberal than a country’s typical economic laws.

We assist clients at various stages of the SEZ project to get the desired results. We offer:

  • SEZ and Customs legislation interpretation
  • Operationalization of Customs Controlled Areas (CCAs)
  • Shipping and Logistics Advisory Services
  • Special Applications and submission of Application to DTI, ITAC, SARS etc.
  • Incentives Marketing and Realisation
  • Feasibility Studies

Trade Preference Programs Consulting Services

Guidelines to follow for preferential treatment and reduced duties.

Free Trade Programs such as SACU, SADC, EFTA, TDCA (ZA/EU) and AGOA are designed to help you reduce duties and encourage international trade. Let Vin-Online Global Trade Advisory guides you through the complex qualification process.

  • Free Trade Qualification
  • Free Trade Zone Implementation
  • Managed Free Trade Programs
  • Supplier Solicitation

Duty Mitigation Consulting Services

Maximize your recovery.

In world trade, capturing available and appropriate drawback and other duty minimization is essential. Vin-Online Global Trade Advisory specializes in evaluating importing, manufacturing, and exporting programs to identify and quantify potential opportunities for drawback. Best of all, we can help your company maximize your recovery, and provide an assessment of your program's compliance with Customs regulations.

  • Customs Protest
  • Duty Drawback Services
  • Entry Reconciliation Services
  • Managed Customs Compliance Services
  • Origin Preferential Assistance
  • Goods and Services Tax (VAT) Recovery/Consulting

Supply Chain Security Consulting Services

Speeding up your supply chain.

To safeguard the movement of goods against security threats, the world trade community has instituted a number of supply chain security standards. Vin-Online Global Trade can assist with assessment of readiness for the Preferred Trader Program, review of applications to the South African Revenue Services Customs and risk assessment. A key aspect of once a client is approved on the PTP is what the South African revenue Services authorities refers to as a Compliance Improvement Plan. We can assist to draft and regular monitor this Compliance Improvement Plan.

We guide you through these standards, including:

  • Preferred Trader Program (PTP) / Advance Accreditation
  • Authorized Economic Operator
  • C-TPAT 5 Step Risk Assessment
  • C-TPAT Implementation
  • Partners in Protection

Customs Training Consulting Services

We offer general Freight & Customs Training, tailored made to our client’s requirement on Customs Control Act, Customs Duty Act, Rules, Regulations, Policies and Customs Procedures.

Mitigations and Appeals Consulting Services

We assist with mitigations and appeals relating to Customs Schedules received from the South African Revenue Services Department of Customs and Excise in terms of non-compliance. We advise on timelines and procedures that need to be followed in terms of the Internal Administrative Appeal (IAA) and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes contain in the Customs and Excise Act, Customs Control Act and Customs Duty Act.
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