Customs Academy

Welcome to our Training and Development Division

Vin-Online Global Customs Academy, we believe knowledge is power that is why we take customs training to the next level, helping your company to have the right skilled workforce in striving to be a knowledgeable and a Compliant Customs Trader.

We provide Customs, Excise and International Trade training to improve Operational Efficiency, Minimize Costs and Mitigate Risk to increase your business level of Customs Compliance.

They say ignorant of the law is no excuse, we say understanding of Customs and Excise Regulations and international trade is the solution for your global business competitive edge.

Training Courses

We provide training, workshops and seminars covering a diversity of topics ranging from international trade, import, export, logistics, warehousing related topic including but not limited to the following short courses:

Short Courses

  • South African Customs Clearing Course
  • Essential Import & Export Procedures


The fee for a 5 day course is R8030 Incl VAT.

Workshop and Seminar

  • Customs Tariff Classification / Customs Commodity Code and Description System (HS) Course
  • Customs Legislations Workshop
  • Customs Valuation Workshop
  • International Trade Workshop
  • Incoterms 2010 Rules Workshop
  • Essential Import & Export Procedures
  • International Payment Instruments


The fee for a 1 day course/workshop is R2135.00 Incl VAT.

Online Learning

Customs, Excise & International Trade Digital Academy

studying online provides maximum flexibility, and is both time-efficient and cost-effective.

The convenient of studying online give your hectic schedule an opportunity to you to study online as a way to increase your knowledge and skills. It provides the flexibility to meet ongoing work commitments without the need to attend lectures or workshops, which often involves costly travel expenses away from work and home life. Work your way through the course material at a pace and time that best suits your needs.

Our strength is our customs, excise and global trade knowledge, and the international network of experts, which is rapidly expanding to keep pace with unprecedented levels of business growth.

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